Help Ensinger improving customer relationship management in the market

After studying Marketing Joanne Yuan decided to start the M.A./MBA (USA)- program at SIBE in 2018. Her affiliated company over the course of the studies is Ensinger (China) Co. Ltd., the chinese subsidiary of german Ensinger GmbH.

Can you briefly start by telling in which company you currently work? When did you start there and what are your tasks?

I am currently working at Ensinger in China. I have been working there for more than 10 years now. Within the organization I am located in the operations department, where I work as an operation’s manager.

Operation’s managers are responsible for the operations of the company. Ensinger is an organization with several functional departments under the operations department, e.g. procurement, warehousing, logistics, Human Resources, administration and market support.

Every year, the Operations Department has many projects to improve internal management, which are divided into long-term and short-term. Currently, I work on a CRM-project for Ensinger China in my day-to-day work. Its objective is to help Ensinger improving customer relationship management in the market.

What makes it exciting for you to work for Ensinger?

Ensinger was my first job after graduation. Here I have accumulated all my work experience so far. Working at Ensinger helped me tremendously developing professional knowledge and skills. Ensinger constantly gives me input and many opportunities, to develop myself.

Why did you decide to combine full-time work abroad with work-integrated studies?

The M.A./MBA (USA)- program itself is inseparable from work and management experience. While I study scientific theory, I gain professional knowledge, which can help me get better performance at work, at the same time. The study model perfectly balances work and studies, which is why I decided to start the program.

How important is the formation of a professional international network during your studies? How do you benefit from the M.A./MBA (USA)- program in terms of building your network?

The international network makes the courses rather easy, because you can learn from a wide range of international experience, from your classmates and lecturers.

In terms of benefits I would say, that I can use my time flexibly to learn and complete course tasks at any time, which is great. Online learning in this case improves the efficiency of my work and studies. It has become more and more popular and within the M.A./MBA (USA)- program, you can share your thoughts on problems very smoothly with your classmates. You also can complete teamwork efficiently on the web.

You´re near the end of the program now, how do you manage to organize yourself and combine your work with your study program?

I was always able to combine the tasks in the courses and in the organization. If a theoretical management topic could help solve a current problem within the organization, I tried to implement the theory from the studies within my work. At the same time, while completing a project, I had great support from Ensinger, so that I could align my management projects to organizational needs, instead of just working on a case.

In which ways would you say your studies at SIBE benefit you the most? To whom would you recommend this program?

The most valuable part of the program is that we learn the full range of skills, needed to become a good manager. During my studies I learned to understand the theoretical knowledge and many analytical research methods as well. Furthermore, the program provides opportunities to apply theory and methods in practice and discuss issues in an international community. At the same time, these tools and knowledge help with my daily work.

I would recommend this program, to everyone, who wants to improve their abilities to learn independently and better manage their time. Furthermore, everyone, that searches for a study program, combining theoretical knowledge with work experience, to understand and learn how to be a good manager, should consider the M.A./MBA (USA).

In your opinion: What should modern managers take out of the program to be best prepared for their tasks?

The combination of theory and practical work can better achieve the desired results. As a contemporary manager, if only theoretical knowledge or work experience is available, it is not enough. So in my career plan, I need to combine the two as much as possible and In my opinion every good manager should do that as well.

Do you have tips for people who are considering applying for the M.A./MBA (USA)- program?

A reasonable time schedule. That is very important for the right balance between work, life and studies.

Joanne Yuan
Affiliated company throughout the studies
Ensinger (China) Co. Ltd.
First Degree
M.A./MBA (USA) in General Management
Course name & Year of graduation
MAMBA06a - 2020
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